Videoconferencing tool booking and usage

The Polytechnic instituted has started a trial to offer a professional videoconference system. The platform is integrated with the meeting room reservation system, and is accessible from swas, by selecting "Prenotazioni videoconferenze".

The platform is based on a web solution - based on Vydio software.

How it works

  1. Log in to Swas and access the Video Conferencing Booking page
  2. Use the calendar to enter a reservation
    1. Select the desired day and time
    2. Enter a short description, time of start and end of the event
    3. Indicate how many simultaneous users you want to use (max 10)
      • The number of participants is limited by the number of available licenses, which is shared throughout the university
      • Please reserve a minimum number of resources in order to allow others to use the system in parallel
  3. After the entry you will receive two emails:
    • one with the link to use to connect to the videoconference, to be forwarded to the participants on the instructions on how to join
    • the other with instructions for connecting as a conference "moderator" for advanced videoconferencing management
      • This window is used to control the participants, for example by switching the microphones on and off, inviting people, etc.
      • The email contains a username, password and PIN for the management of the conference
      • It is NOT to be forwarded to the participants, but only used by the administrator
  4. The "room" for the videoconference will be activated automatically at the start time specified in the reservation
  5. Once the conference is started, participants connect using the link provided in the invitation email
    • All modern browsers are supported
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Chrome - requires the installation of a plugin the first time you use it to activate screen sharing
      • Internet Explorer - requires installation of a plugin
      • Microsoft Edge - not currently supported
    • Apps for mobile devices
    • To join the conference, simply click on the link received in the invitation email
  6. Attention: the videoconference will be deactivated automatically at the end of the reservation time - without notice.

    • You can still change your booking at any time (number of users, description, date and time) as long as there are sufficient resources available, using the booking system directly on this page

The system manages a maximum number of users by adding up all active conferences and active participants at that time. On the calendar, the time slots in which there are other bookings, but there are still available reservations are indicated in yellow. Time slots fully occupied and that can no longer be booked are indicated in red.

There are currently 20 total licenses available. A conference can not use more than 10 participants. Limits will be increased if the test phase is positive.

It is recommended not to reserve unnecessary users.