Synopsys Licences

As of September 2019, the Polytechnic of Turin benefits from 150 licenses in free use of the entire Photonic Suite of Synopsys, or the following software packages:

  • CODE V, and the following LightTools Modules: Core, Illumination, Optimization, Advanced Physics, Imaging Path and STEP/IGES/SAT Data Exchange
  • eamPROP, FullWAVE, BandSOLVE, ModePROP, DiffractMOD, GratingMOD, FemSIM, MOST, Solar Cell Utility, Multi-Physics Utility, LED Utility
  • OptSim, ModeSYS, OptSim Circuit
  • LucidShape, LucidDrive
  • OptoDesigner with layout, design rule checks (DRC), advanced connectors, mask preparation and assembly, and auto-routing functionalities

Licenses can be used for educational and research purposes within the Polytechnic network.

In case one of the software packages has been used to obtain search results presented in an article/conference contribution/chapter of a book/project report, please insert the thank-you phrase:

"The software tool xxxx has been provided by Synopsys within the OSG University Program - site ID 31272".

You are required to include the same sentence in the description of the course programs that make use of the free Synopsys software for educational purposes.

According to Synopsys and accepted by the university (Determine nr. 1329/2019 of 17/09/2019), the scientific manager of the software is Prof. Vittorio Curri.

Please report to prof. Curri ( the use of software packages.

IT Support

The department’s IT team only guarantees the proper functioning of the license server and the availability of the software to be installed. For any other question relating to the operation of the SW, please contact the manufacturer’s support directly.

Manufacturer information and support

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Photonic Solutions


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To access the installation files you need to provide your institutional credentials by connecting to the address in the QR Code (or by clicking on it)

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