Research Cheque

DET Contact:

The Central Administration reference is at:

For the consultation of the University Regulations click the following link, after the login on the website:

Specifically, click the following link:


Presentation required:

To activate the position the applicant must access by MyPoli and complete the online form at this link: and send it to RGA Secretariat by the “Invia al Dipartimento” button.

After that, the RGA Secretariat will verify the correctness from an administrative point of view and the feasibility of planning and accounting of the request.

After this check, the Secretariat will process the request by the RUO Office.

The position activity will begin at 1st or 16th of every month and it will be attested from the Scientific Manager writing to

As soon as the contract of the assignee expires, a warning message will be sent to the Scientific Manager by both the Department Secretariat and the University’s information system.

At this point the Manager may request the renewal or will communicate the conclusion of the cheque by writing to for the administrative, accounting and design of the request before processing it to the RUO Offices.

The maximum number of years as cumulative research cheque are 6, as required by Law no. 240/2010.

Resignation by the holder from the position shall be allowed with 30 days' notice, and shall be valid on the 1st or the 16th day of each month.