Research Calls

DET Contact:

The Didactical Management Service reference is at:

For the consultation of the University Regulations click the following link, after the login on the website:   

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Presentation required:

To activate the position the applicant must access at the online procedure, that is it will be necessary to enter the personal page on Teaching Portal and he/she can one of the following steps:

  1. click the link in “App Gestionali” section named “Borse di Ricerca”;
  2. go in the “Borse di Ricerca” section of the dashboard, where the links to the application will appear in case the user has some pending activities.

Then, the applicant can enter the activation request following the procedure.

After the procedure is completed, the RGA Secretariat, which is contactable at, will verify the correctness from an administrative point of view and the feasibility of planning and accounting of the request.

After this check and the validation of the RGA and Director of the Department, the Secretariat will process the request by the GESD Office.

From the validation of the Director to the publication of the call by the GESD Office will usually take 8/10 days and the call will stay opened 7 days.

With this new procedure, the first useful day, usually 8 days after the validation by the whole Commission, it is possible to proceed with both the publication of the notice and the beginning of the activity.

At the end of the activity, it is possible to renew the same position for ONE and ONLY time with the same duration or less and with the same monthly amount.

The monthly amount does not include a gross cost, so the total cost corresponds to the net cost received by the entity. The initial duration can be a maximum of 12 months and the amounts vary, at the discretion of the teacher, from 600,00 to 1,500,00 euros per month

The age constraint has been removed and there are no constraints on the number of research grants a subject may have in his career.

Resignation by the holder from the position shall be allowed with 30 days' notice.

The Didactical Management Service reference is at: