Requesting an IP address

The Electronics and Telecommunications Department (DET) offers Internet connectivity via DHCP service through the University's wired network to its members.

To connect your device to the wired network, please request an IP address by filling in the form at the bottom.

You will be contacted via email once the configuration is complete.


  • the department offers tech support only for official devices. You can request an IP address of your personal device (e.g., your laptop), but no support on the configuration will be provided.
  • about "hostname" and "MAC address" fields requested below:
    • the hostname or DNS name must be max 63 characters long, can contain only a-z letters, 0-9 digits and the hyphen-minus character ( - ) (no spaces, underscores, special characters or capital letters are allowed).
    • the MAC address (also called "Physical address" on MS Windows systems) must be made of six two-digit hexadecimal numbers, that may be separated by a colon ( : ) or an hyphen ( - )