Polito wireless network

Polito wireless network (SSID Polito) is an open, unencrypted wireless network, protected by a captive portal: as soon as you try to navigate the Internet you are redirected to an authentication page, where you can authenticate with your institutional credentials. For details please see these PDF instructions by AreaIT. If the captive portal in unreachable, you may want to try and type on the address bar of your browser one of the following URLs:

  • https://wifiauth.polito.it/fs/customwebauth/login.html

Being the network unencrypted, you are strongly advised to use only secure protocols (https, ssh, smtps, imaps, and so on). Please see further instructions on AreaIT website 

Enabled protocols

Enabled TCP ports:

    SSH (tcp 22)
    HTTP (tcp 80)
    HTTPS (tcp 443)
    SMTPS (tcp 465)
    MAIL SUBMISSION (tcp 587)
    FTPS (tcp 989 e 990)
    TELNEToSSL (tcp 992)
    IMAPS (tcp 993)
    POP3S (tcp 995)
    RDP (tcp 3389)

Enabled UDP ports:

    IPSec VPN (proto ah e es, udp 500)
    IPSec NAT-Traversal - non500-isakmp (udp 4500)
    OpenVPN (udp 1194)