Polito VPN

The Polito VPN service enables Politecnico users to safely connect from the Internet to Polito network

How to use

  1. If you have not yet been enabled to use the VPN service, you have to download the request form (in Italian) from the AreaIT support page (look for the "Modulo di richiesta per l'accesso VPN" at the bottom of the page), sign it (if you are a student, a PhD student or a research assistant you must have the form signed by your Tutor) and send it as an email attachment to 5050@polito.it
  2. follow the instructions here below for installing and configuring the VPN client (in Italian, but figures refer to an English language version of the software)
    1. Configuration for Windows clients
    2. Configuration for MacOS clients

Linux systems

At the time of writing (2020-03-27) no Linux clients are available from the AreaIT website support page. An alternative solution (tested with Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS) is Openfortivpn: see instructions at https://github.com/adrienverge/openfortivpn . A nice GUI on top of Openfortivpn is available for Ubuntu and Debian derived operating systems: see https://hadler.me/linux/openfortigui/



  • always make sure to have the latest available version of your VPN client: this is true above all for the official Forticlient
  • when configuring Forticlient, it is preferable to choose a SSL VPN configuration
  • for support contact det.it@polito.it or the Help Desk at 5050@polito.it