“Occasional” or “Continuative and Coordinate” Collaboration

DET Contact: det.personale@polito.it

The Central Administration reference is at: ruo.selezionita@polito.it.

For the consultation of the University Regulations click the following link, after the login on the website:


Specifically, click the following link:



Presentation required:

To activate the position the applicant must contact the RGA Secretariat at det.personale@polito.it

After that, the RGA Secretariat will verify the correctness from an administrative point of view and the feasibility of planning and accounting of the request.

After this check, the Secretariat will process the request by the Central Administration Office.

There are two types of collaborations: “Continuative and Coordinate” or “Occasional”.

There are no restrictions both for the amount and for duration.

The positions are NOT renewable and they will be considered “terminated” at the end of the contract.