Missions (reimbursements) - howto for PhDs

  1. The PhD student contacts his tutor, who ha to authorise him to ask for the reimbursement
    1. The tutor indicates the fund to be used to the PhD student
  2. The PhD student fills in the authorization form and selects the "Fondi di Progetto" item - the other items are only for special cases
  3. He could then see offered "Fondi dottorato del tutore" [or equivalent] and other funds for which he is qualified [for example, European projects he is working on]
    1. If he selects one of these, he is automatically authorized [funds appear as "his" and then he can "self-authorize"]
  4. If instead he wants to charge the expenses under another fund [even owned by other colleagues], one must indicate only the name / surname of the owner of the fund
    1. The latter receives a request "[Student name] has requested authorisation for...", and can then add the selected fund among those he has the rights to.
  5. Once the authorisation of the fund owner has been completed, an email will be sent to:
    1. The PhD coordinator 
    2. The accounting system
  6. Both will have to authorise the mission
  7. At the end of the process, the PhD student receives an email "You are authorised ..."

It is mandatory that the authorization be accompanied by a justification [article acceptance mail, pdf of the conference web page with the program where you see the authors of the article, the article with the thanks to the project on which to charge the expenditure, etc...]. Add it as an attachment at the top of the request page.