Videoconference speaker


The department is equipped with 5 speakers + USB mic specifically designed to handle audio conferences, to be used in meeting rooms, or in your office.

The same are in custody at the offices of

  • Laura Trabuio (int. 4133) + Roberto Colombara (int. 4183 - 8203) - main campus
  • Vanna Leoncini (int. 4086) + Antonio Grassedonio (Int. 4116 - 8279) +Emanuela Bartesaghi (int. 4164) Cittadella politecnica

You can loan them by asking them, and taking care to bring them back once you have finished using them.

To use the speaker, just connect the cable to a USB port of the PC you intend to use. In some cases, you need to configure the operating system or application to force the usage of the USB microphone / speaker instead of the internal PC ones.

The speakers were tested with Microsoft Windows and Apple MAC OS. For more information - refer to the product documentation available online: Calisto 610