Sala Nyquist videoconferencing system (4th floor cittadella)

The Nyquist Room has been equipped with a professional video conferencing system consisting of the Logitech Group videoconferencing system, an additional screen (a 49 "television) and a PC needed to use the system.


How to power on the system

  1. Turn on the projector (PRJ ON button on the keyboard) and the television (red button of remote control)accensione


  2. Turn on the PC (under the TV) and login with your polito credentials, using the wireless keyboard and mouse on the table

    pc, tastiera, mouse
  3. The projector shows the PC output. If it does not, select input 4 of the video switch on the table

    switc video
  4. The videoconference system, when the PC is turned on, turns on by itself. Through the keypad you can manage the audio (volume adjustment, activation and deactivation of the audio, ...) and the camera (horizontal / vertical movement, zoom, ...)

    logitech group


Supported video conferencing software

The videoconferencing system can be used with any video conferencing software. Some software (Skype, Teams) are already installed on the PC in the room. You will need to configure them using your personal account. Videoconferencing tools that use a browser are obviously supported.

Software installed in the PC

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe Reader
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
  • Skype personal
  • Skype for Business
  • Teams
  • VLC Media Player

Additional Information / Troubleshooting

  • Remove the lens cap from the camera before using it.
  • Make sure that the switches under the keyboard and wireless mouse are set to ON.
  • It is not possible to connect your PC to the videoconferencing system. Only the PC in the room can be used. To transfer any files of interest for videoconferencing, it is recommended to use the personal area on DETStorage or a USB stick.
  • Make sure that the application used for videoconferencing uses as devices (microphone, speaker and video camera) those of the "Logitech Group" video conference system and not those of the PC.
  • DO NOT rotate the camera with your hands, the internal mechanisms will be irreparably damaged. Use the device buttons on the table.
  • Eventual files saved on the local disk can be deleted with no further notice.

In case of particular needs for specific software, contact the IT department group (