Remote Digital Signature

All teaching staff of the university have the right to be qualified to use the Digital Remote Signature service for the signing of exam reports, graduations. If you have not already activated the service, you can request it from GESD.

The remote or digital signature can be used only and exclusively for work issues related to the University. The reason lies in the certificate that is issued as academic staff or TAB of the Poli. The signature as such is always valid, but its use outside work issues could be considered as abuse as issued by a public body but used for private purposes. With this signature, the person always signs as an employee of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The signature service can be used to digitally sign any document in PDF or P7M format.

The process of signing a document can take place

  • through the Teaching Portal;
  • through the free software Dike Gosign.

Through the Teaching Portal you can only sign PDF documents. This system has the advantage of managing the process of multiple signatures: where more than one person’s signature is required on a document, the system shall send an invitation to all signatories by email to sign the document and, when all signatories have signed, the applicant shall receive an email stating that the signature process has ended. To sign the document you are required to authenticate with your institutional credentials, the numerical PIN normally used for signature processes, and the OTP code that the system will send to your mobile phone. Here the details of how to use it.

By means of the Dike Gosign software (for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices and Apple) it is possible to sign independently both individual PDF documents and P7M envelopes. Being a software installed locally on your PC it is much more practical and faster: with a few clicks you place your signature on a document. This system does not allow you to automatically manage the process of multiple signatures. If the document requires multiple signatures, the procedure should be handled manually. Infocert credentials are required for configuration (one-off). Once activated, only the numeric PIN and the OTP sent by the system to the registered mobile phone will be required for the signature of documents.

To be able to sign documents with Dike Gosign it is necessary (one time):

The following pages describe the steps to follow for: