Professor Emeritus and Honorary Degree

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The request for the Honorary Degree must be forwarded firstly to the Department Director.

Then, the request must be approved by the Department Council in in its plenary composition, and next the decision will be sent to the competent Offices of Central Administration.

The title of Honorary Degree is given by the Ministry of Education, University and  Research, which, with a note of 26.03.2012, specified that it will apply to a maximum of approvals for each calendar year, commensurate with the number of professors and researchers in the applicant University, according to the following scheme: 

- one – University with staff under 500 units;

- two – University with staff between 550 and 1000 units;

- three– University with staff between 1000 and 1500 units;

- four – University with staff between 1500 and 2000 units;

- five – University with staff over 2000 units.


The request for Professor Emeritus must first be forwarded to the Director of the Department.

The request must then be approved by the Department Council in its plenary composition, at which point the resolution will be sent to the competent offices of the Central Administration, which will transmit it to the MIUR.

The collegial resolution of the proposal must take place with a qualified majority of two-thirds of the persons entitled, according to the law in force, that is the Royal Decree of 31.08.1933 - n° 1952, referred to in article 169.