Electronic System Laboratories

The primary objective of the Electronic Systems Laboratories is to support thesists, student groups, research fellows, Phd students and structured personnel related to Microelectronics A groups, B and C. They are composed of the different thematic laboratories which will be briefly described below.

Design and Development of Electronic Systems Laboratory (ex-Lab. Software Microelettronica)

Laboratory dedicated to digital, analogue and mixed signals circuit design. Here we will mainly use software for electronic design in combination with instrumentation dedicated to debugging of systems.

Prototyping and Embedded Laboratory (ex-Lab. Hardware Microelettronica)

Laboratory dedicated to the assembly and welding of the designed boards. Here will also be developed electronic systems integrated with prototyping boards embedded with microcontroller and/ or with FPGA.

Design Microelectronics Laboratory (ex-VLSI)

Laboratory dedicated to the design of electronic integrated circuits and their testing phase.

System Integration, Packaging and Test Laboratory (ex-lab. Neuronics)

Laboratory dedicated to the intensive testing of electronic systems, their packaging and more generally to electronic integration/ system.

Analog Design and Advanced Characterization Laboratory (ex-Lab. HW Civera)

Laboratory dedicated to analog design and characterization of electronic systems with high-tech instrumentation.

MEMS/NEMS Laboratory (ex-Lab. Microsistemi)

Laboratory dedicated to the design of electronic systems for interfacing and integration with MEMS and NEMS.



The laboratories are located on the third and fourth floors of the DET. Refer to the following image for the various locations.

Locali dei laboratori



Members of the group of Electronic Systems Laboratories can view regulations, procedures, instrumentation list, student list, etc. in the reserved area:

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