Department of Electronics (DET) access rules during COVID-19 emergency


How to enter the Department of Electronics according to the Polytechnic rules during Covid-19 Emergency - last update: 29/6/2020

This page summarizes the current practice to enter Politecnico di Torino - and in particular the Electronics and Telecommunications Department (DET). There are three types of access:

  1. OCCASIONAL access: follow the online request procedure on the University platform.
  2. PLANNED ACCESS TO OFFICES: enter the requests on the online platform on the basis of the approved weekly requests as already agreed (up to July 19).
    Here the calendar for access to the offices (months of June and July 2020).
  3. ACCESS TO THE LABORATORY: each lab person in charge will continue to collect access requests (by 17:00 on Thursday of each week) following the current procedure for filling up the google sheets prepared by Alessandro Sanginario. It will be his responsibility to insert requests, if authorized, on the University platform.
    DO NOT use the University access procedure to enter individual access request to the laboratories.

We remind you that the weekly programming - to be completed by Thursday of the previous week - and the badging at the entrance are mandatory for all staff who access the Department offices.
TAB staff will continue to manage agile working days, holidays and leave through the usual "attendance infopoint" system. On-site work activities will be traced with the entry and exit badging also to record working hours.

Useful information

The IT@DET group has agreed with the Director and RGA on a support calendar in case in-person support would it be required at offices and laboratories. You can find all the information and the calendar here.

The  website offers information on opening hours of offices, parking lots, and further updates on the opening hours of different Politecnico buildings.

Here you can find the complete list of activities that can be held in presence, including both the essential activities and the activities for which the gradual return has been agreed.

Libraries are currently closed to the public. It is possible to reserve a book via the document delivery system. Here you can find the regulations.

In case of doubts or uncertainties on the application of the indications of the Protocol, consult the FAQ