Computer equipment and consumables

To proceed with the purchase of computer equipment and consumables, please fill the Purchase Request and draw up the technical specifications: for PCs and tablets refer to the attachment link "Technical specification - PC", while for the monitors refer to the attachment link "Technical specification - Monitor".

In case of purchase of ICT goods and/or services for datacenters (servers to be installed in departmental EDCs), please fill the attachment link "AGID - ACQUISITION BY AMOUNTS BELOW COMMUNITY THRESHOLD OF ICT GOODS AND SERVICES FOR POLYTECHNIC DATA CENTRES".

Types of computer equipment: pc, tablet, smartphone, printers, monitors

Types of computer consumables: adapters, capacitive pens, docking station, mouse, keyboards, PC cases

Note: when filling the "Purchase Request for goods and services", under "Type of purchase", after selecting "Equipment" will appear the field "consignee": it is necessary to indicate the name and surname of the usual user of the property.