The department has set up a CED room located in the basement of the historic building to accommodate the servers belonging to the department. The room is equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure the proper functioning of the servers:

  • 6 x 42U racks
  • privileged power supply protected by UPS
  • unprotected power supply
  • fire extinguishing system
  • 1-10Gb / s internal data network consisting of network devices with high fault tolerance and uplink to the outside at 1GB (pending update)
  • controlled and limited physical access (nearing completion)

Access to the premises will be allowed only to authorized and exclusively to carry out the necessary activities (assembly, disassembly, replacement of damaged parts). All other operations must be performed remotely using the out of band management offered by modern servers.. Research teams that intend to purchase new servers will have to comply with the following minimum requirements for the servers themselves to be installed in the new CED:

  • Be rack mountable
  • Out-of-band management: web access, IPMI and remote graphics console (for DELL servers we recommend the purchase of idrac Enterprise), Redfish API support
  • Be equipped with dual power supply (recommended to take advantage of electrical redundancy)

Anyone interested in placing their servers in the CED should contact det.it@polito.it to discuss the technical requirements.

Currently the employment status is as follows:

  • 11,11% units occupied by service (network equipment and accessories)
  • 24,6% units occupied by servers (30 servers)

Detailed rules for access to premises and hardware requirements will be published.