DET Accueil

DET Accueil  is the Electronic and Telecommunication Department tool for the not structured staff (research assistants, PhD students, Visiting Professor, interns, thesis students, other institutions staff, guests), which request the access into the Department structure and services.


1. The applicant will have to complete the “AUTHORIZATION FORM FOR REQUESTING ACCESS TO THE DEPARTIMENT - GUEST REGISTRATION FORM” at the bottom of this page;

2. Once the form has been completed and after checking the information on safety, the processing of personal data and the Coronavirus emergency, you must press the SUBMIT button shown at the bottom of the page.

3. The request will arrive by email first to the Didactical Activity manager or the Research Activity manager of the applicant and later to the Department Director for the digital APPROVAL. At the end of the approval process, a PDF attachment with the approved request will be sent to the applicant by email;

4. The applicant will have to PRINT the PDF attachment and sign it in all its parts (information on safety, the processing of personal data and the Coronavirus emergency and at the bottom of the page);

5. The signed form will be given (with copies of identity documents if required) to Samuele D'Onofrio (tel. 011 090 4188 - 3rd floor Citadel, Technical Office, department entrance above student secretariat), who will finish the procedure with the approval of the badge and the delivery of the required services.
Staff to contact in case of absence of Samuele D'Onofrio (Sergio Comai - tel. 011 090 4052);

6. At the end of the period of activity, the applicant will have to contact Samuele D'Onofrio or Sergio Comai for turn back all the Department material (keys, cards).

During the procedure, will be provided all information and contact persons useful to access the different services:




Method of application

Access to the Department

It allows to obtain physical access to the premises, facilities and services of the Department


First you must complete the Online Access Form found at the bottom of this page and submit it (step 1 and 2); after the approval (step 3) you need to print, sign and deliver the request to DET Accueil (step 4 and 5)

Access to the cable network

It allows the possibility of connecting a PC to the Department’s network

It is necessary to have previously requested physical access to the Department

Complete the form as explained in Requesting an IP address  

Temporary account

It allows the use of the university Wi-Fi network and, if authorized, also to the Department’s workstations

It cannot be requested together with the enrollment

Wireless Network Services

Institutional account/ enrollment

It allows to have an email address, an account and be included in the department's lists

It must be motivated and cannot be requested together with a temporary account

Follow the process as specified above for the Access to the Department (first line)


It allows external access to the university's internal network

It can only be requested if you are registered

VPN Services

After the habilitation to access inside the Department, you must follow the next steps:

·         Fill the form for the Identification of Occupational Hazards (SIR) on the Polisafety platform. The purpose of the SIR is to take individual stock of work tasks in order to acquire some of the information needed to assess the risks to which the worker is exposed and, on the basis of the indications of the Competent Doctor, identify and implement the measures envisaged for health surveillance.

For the "Teaching or Research Activities Manager": in the event that new people have to work in a laboratory, you must complete this form where you will declare that training and information on the instrumentation and activities, that will take place in that laboratory, have been completed. This declaration must then be inserted in the Polisafety process.


DET Accueil
* indicates a required field


Full name
Already in possession of card/ID-number of Politecnico?
Type of ID-number:


Type of credentials
It allows the use of the wifi network and, if authorized, also to the workstations of the department.
It allows you to have an email address and an account and be included in the department's lists.
Follow the instructions on the wireless network services page after completing this form
The request for institutional credentials must be motivated


for the REGISTRATION as a GUEST enclose a photocopy of your identity document







The RESPONSIBLE IN CHARGE FOR THE APPLICANT’S TEACHING OR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES is expected to directly provide appropriate training and information on the measures of health and safety prevention and protection, as well as the obligations that all persons exposed to the possible hazards in the workplace (offices, halls, laboratories, etc.) must know and respect according to the articles No. 20 and 36 of the Legislative Decree No. 81/2008.
Furthermore, in relation to the information requirements expressly provided by article 36 of the Legislative Decree No. 81/2008, it is mandatory that the APPLICANT reads all the information concerning health and safety in the workplace, with particular attention to both the description of the risks that may occur inside the DET laboratories (INFORMATION_LAB_DET_ENG-ITA) and the procedures provided for the management of the emergency inside the premises of Politecnico di Torino (F-INFORMATION-GUIDE/F-GUIDA-INFORMAZIONE).


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