3D Printers

On the 3rd floor of the Polytechnic Citadel is available a 3D printer room that contains 4 models of 3D printers:

1) 3DZ - Projet 2500 Plus

2) Formlab – Form 3

3) German RepRap - X400 v3

4) WASP – Delta 2040

How to use

With the exception of the Projet 2500, all other printers are freely available upon reservation. After checking and/or learning the basic knowledge for the use of printers you will be included in a list of persons authorized to book and use them. For prints longer than 24 hours, always ask for confirmation by email to alessandro.sanginario@polito.it 

Booking printers: to book printers you will need to fill in a form that can be found at the following link.

Booking calendar: all bookings can be found at the following link.

The calendar is not directly editable. The only way to book the printer is by filling out the form that will automatically create the reservation on the calendar.


As for Form 3, the printing materials will be provided directly by the department. The resins usually (always check before the actual availability in stock) are always present:

  • Clear
  • Black
  • Tough
  • Flex
  • High Temp

For the X400 and Delta 2040 instead you can choose between using the filaments made available to the department or their own. Currently available filaments are:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PVA


The use of printers involves a cost that varies depending on the printer and the material used.

  • X400 and Delta 2040
    For the two filament printers there is an hourly cost of 50 euro cents per hour plus the possible cost of the material used which is usually around 35 €/kg. If you use your own materials, it is not charged;
  • Form 3
    For the Form 3 the cost is based on the amount of resin used and, depending on the type of resin, it ranges from 165 €/l (standard resins) up to 230 €/l (resins with special characteristics). In this case you can not use your own resin, for this reason there is no hourly fee;
  • Projet 2500
    Given the complexity and high cost of this printer, for its use or for a print quote (in this case attach the STL file to print) send an email to: alessandro.sanginario@polito.it.


The printers are located at the 3rd floor of DET (sede Polytechnic Citadel) in the 1st lab on the left (after the bathroom) of the bypass.

3D printer lab. location


Use procedure

The detailed use procedure for printer software can be found here.